About Us

Skater Owned and Operated

Roller Revival was created to promote the sport of Roller Derby as well as recreational skating and all aspects of feeling free an empowered on four wheels.


Although the roots of Roller Derby run deep, its' revival in 2003 birthed a new sport which is ever evolving and growing. Roller Revival is for those skaters, those athletes, those passionate souls that burst out onto the track with fierce adrenaline and a mindset to conquer. Derby is a sport like no other and those who compete know that it goes beyond the boutfits and after parties. It's a devotion of time, of fitness, of mindset. 


Owner Amber Sarfati, aka Crypta Night is a graphic designer with 20 years experience in print design and proud Alamo City Roller Girl. Her vision for Roller Revival is to promote Roller Derby and to bring to the community a style that highlights the unity and athleticism the sport encompasses. 


Thank you for supporting the Revival!