About Us

Skater Owned and Operated

Roller Revival is the ultimate celebration of Roller Derby and the exhilarating world of recreational skating. Step into a realm where fun, empowerment, and pure adrenaline collide on eight wheels. Since its remarkable revival in the early 2000's, Roller Derby has evolved into a captivating sport that continues to grow. At Roller Revival, we cater to the passionate souls, the fierce athletes, and the skaters who yearn to conquer the track.

Roller Derby is more than just boutfits and after parties; it is a universally inclusive sport, catering to individuals of all backgrounds and abilities. and encompasses both fitness and mindset. Our founder, Amber Sarfati, aka Crypta Night, is not only a skilled graphic designer with two decades of experience, but she's also a proud member of the Alamo City Roller Girls. Crypta's vision for Roller Revival is to showcase the unity and athleticism that Roller Derby represents and bring it to our vibrant community.

Are you ready to embark on an incredible journey of thrilling spins, daring moves, and unforgettable experiences? Roller Revival is here to help you embrace the spirit of Roller Derby, whether you're already an avid skater or just getting started.

Embrace the Joy of Eight-Wheel Freedom!